December 30, 2016

Dear Terrapin Pet Parents,

The time has come to say goodbye to all our loyal pet families.

I injured my back in 2011, and have tried many therapies. After 5 years of determination to not let the pain take my calling away from me, it is time for spinal surgery. I will be unable to work for 4 to 6 months after my February surgery, so we have reached the sad decision to close the Terrapin Pets company on December 30.

Shona and I are so thankful that you have made it possible for us to follow our dream of working with animals. We have been working side by side since 2002, and will treasure the memories your pups, kitties, and birds have given us.

The "contact us" button on the left will still forward emails to us, however, monitoring of incoming emails will be limited. 

We are pleased to refer you to the following pet care services; these wonderful people rise above the many professional companies in operation:

 Mark and Millie Hymowitz                                                           

Bear and Max Pet Care Services                                                 .




Donna Rosenheim

Peace of Mind Pet Sitters

(301) 613-7487



Other professional companies may be found at petsitters.org    

at the Pet Sitter Locator button. 


                            Thank you for 15 years of caring for your pets! 


Feb 26, 2017 Update:

Hello Friends, 

I am 3 weeks post-surgery. Stairs are still difficult, if not impossible, and there will be no bending, lifting, or twisting thru April. I'm right on target for progress, however, there will still be pain and plenty of physical therapy as my muscles and nerves regenerate, and new bone grows around my vertebrae and fusion implant. Total healing could take 12-18 months. 

My kitties are ever so helpful, piling on the bed day and night, purring healing rhythms. John is most helpful too, cleaning up after the cats have contributed their  "help!" 

Don't forget to plan early for your spring and summer trips; you'll want to contact new pet sitters as soon as possible to get in on their availability! 

Talk to you soon; I miss everyone ^..^










  terrapinpets@gmail.com    po box 522 beltsville, md 20704